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Full Size Images

To see a full size image of the timeline poster, click on the title below.

Note:  The full size images are in .gif format, and are electronic reproductions of the poster image, THEY ARE NOT PHOTOGRAPHS.  This format was chosen for download quickness.  While each .gif file is approximately 400 Kbytes, the corresponding photographic file would be over 500 megabytes, and would take 10 to 20 minutes to download.

This is important to note, because the .gif image is a lower resolution than the photographic file.  Subtle color blends and images are not as clear in the .gif format.  Fonts are more pixelated and do not show up as clear as the real poster.  The full size images are included only to show content, so you can see what information is included in the timeline.

Photographic image of timeline
.gif image of timeline

Photographic image of timeline.

.gif image of same poster.

If you have Windows 2000 or later, the .gif image will load in "compact" form.  If you hover your cursor over the image, you will see in the lower right corner, the icon shown here...Once the file is opened, clicking on this icon will expand the image.

Full Size .Gif Images: